Dries Van Noten | Paris Men's RTW fashion week


I've been lucky to see the Dries Van Noten A-W 09|1o runway yesterday evening -even though i was working.

The location was stunning : wherelse a fashion show could be staged during crisis times than in the French Communist Party headquarters (staged by prada 8 years ago)...

the location was as much interesting as the collection on the catwalk - both played a great role in the success of the night.

It was all about going backwards :
- back in the mid 60's / early 70's for the building, all in a perfect condition -seats, lights, carpets, walls. the catwalk was going all aver the main room (up, down, right, left) models had to repeat to wound their way arounf the labyrinthine catwalk !
- back in the cold war ! it was like a very continental runway trend, most of the look were monochrom, all dark mono-colours. Shapes made me remind of my grand-father's suits : short & large trousers with a big shoulder double-breasted blazer.

Pictures are taken from WWD, click on them to be redirected and watch the overall collection.

I'll be on Cerruti and Christian Lacroix later on this week, i'll keep you posted before wednesday.

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  1. Good choice. I have been liking Dries van Noten's collections for the past few year (before that I simply had a different taste).

    Never heard of that building before, but it sure does sound like an immensely inspiring location!!


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