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ok, i went to two more shows : Cerruti on friday and Lacroix on tuesday.
Both were totally different, Cerruti was about men fall-winter and Lacroix women haute couture spring-summer.

Cerruti :
same models, same public, but in a different place with different clothes !
quite wearable though even like i don't like the style: suits, b&w colors, smartness with italian influences : pictures from vogue uk

Christian Lacroix :
it was a massive show, 900 guests, at Centre Georges Pompidou. I've been lucky to stay on backstage with models and staff.
it was astonishing, models were unreal & impressive.... even though they are running their fashionshow marathon ! - some girls cried bcs of their high heels and tight dresses.
Since i'm not a good fashion critic i'll let you have your own point of view.

oh and I bumped into speedy Wintour (Anna) ! ah

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  1. "oh and I bumped into speedy Wintour (Anna) ! ah"
    quelle star ce Max


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