Holga | cheap & chic


You might have seen them on xmas shelves this year : Holga cameras

both pro and amateurs enjoy -and take advantage, of the shapeless and cheap plastic "made in china" camera,
i.e advertising & fashion are using them for years bcs of their significant style !

Its success could be explained while those extra perfect digital cameras are released year after years.

RANDOM is the answer which you can't find in digital

My friend Olivier took this picture (in NYC), its funny seeing him carring and taking random pictures because he always take nice shoots, check his flickr out !

a nice vintage limited edition is available here, as well.


  1. thanks
    I'm gonna be such a huge star now, thanks to you Max :)

  2. Here he goes, he's starting to steal your pics Olivier ! even if he's flattering you, be carefull (and by the way Max, you're now in my blogroll on scalino photoblog)


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