the cube slow gallery | opening


i've been invited at the opening of the cube slow gallery yesterday :
major artists of the slow culture - emerging trend seen as an alternative to our obsessive need for speed - were displaying up some work here in Paris and soon in Geneva
- Jérôme Dreyfuss slow fashion / L’agricouture
- Marcus Kreiss slow movie / Souvenirs from earth
- Scarlett Hooft Graaftland slow photography
- Christophe Vialle Slow design / Racine carré
- Samon Takahashi Slow music
- La fratrie Slow art
- François Bancon Slow car / Nissan Cube advanced product department

It seems you see more when you take things slowly,

This show was also about the launch of the new nissan cube : a totally not aerodynamic car -which is cool. Right up against new modern shapes this car sticks to the slow trend perfectly, but is this a bright selling point for a car?

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  1. la galerie étant trop loin de ma province, je n'ai pu y assister.. Dommage, pour moi... Le concept mérite que l'on s'y attarde.


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