the 'It camera' | Olympus's four thirds system camera


here it is,
look at it,
how proud it looks,
... and it could ...
yes it could !

I have been very involved in cameras lately because i lost mine -somewhere someone has been lucky.
fortunately i have a good reflex, with films, not digital > not very usefull though !

Olympus is soon releasing its brand new camera. Soon because it remains secretful but its planned before the end of summer.
But that one could change one's life :
It is the first compact with different lenses you can switch with ! that is the innovation !

Look at it, who could resist ? Technical innovation is not the only issue, the design is very well done also. that retro brown color gives it more style, added value style i would say !

then, since its not out yet, there are no release about its performances, either about the price...
to continue !

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