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last week, as it happens every year, were the designers days.
For those who are not concerned it is like the fashion week for the fashion industry but here its more or less for the design industries.

Thus, this years' theme was "secrets of the design". every single "competitor" -brand, gallery, artists were supposed to highlight their products accroding to the theme.
and here we are ...

Thus the last day, monday, have been organized at 104 (75019 Paris) the prices ceremony.
Manufacture de Sevres won the competition,

i don't know if it was worth it... because not only this particular one but the week was globally dull
year after year the week is turning bad & mainstream, and i'm not sure its all about the financial crush ...
we'll see next year.
pictures from top and clockwise:
Christofle, Modular, Baccarat,
Kartell, Maison Margiela
and down : Manufacture de Sevres

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