Rykiel undressed H&M / Paris Grand Palais


Ok, well,
how to start ?

Yesterday night, the Grand Palais welcomed an oversized show for the swedish monsters Hennes and Mauritz. In a few days they are launching a collection by Sonia Rykiel, starting first with underwear.

and they made it like it was THE big launch...

With such an high budget (3 or 4 million euros for one night) the swedish giant didn't take much risks. It seems all the guests -including me- have spent a hell of a night... Etienne Russo made the art direction (he usually works with Dries Van Noten, Hermès, Chanel and Rykiel) and created a likewise fairytale in a huge fairground.

I hope, despite the current dull time they will succed with this new French partnership !

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