Creative art groups in Music | Fashion | Advertising


gathering musicians, fashion designers, financial institution, marketers all around a global project is the purpose of these creative groups :
These alternative, multitasks & easy-going structures are full of innovative ideas !
tracks | clothes | ads | videoclips | parties | exhibitions | ...

Generally off-beat style, these artistic firms / shops distance theirselves from the conventional structures.

There is a common medium for all these associated talents : clothing.
After temporary art & exhibitions, from Colette to le palais de Tokyo, they share the same clothing value.
for instance "label Kitsuné" had partnerships with A.P.C and Maison Martin Margiela way before creating there own clothing collections. At the opposite "Andrea Crews" has always been on a fashion creative process, rearranging second hands during stunning fashion performances -and is now the rallying styling-point for the fluokids / streeters and some artists like Yelle or Phillipe Katerine.

With the growing recognition and gratitude most have opened their flagships, and some have already settled overseas.
What's next ?
will they leave their very highly specialized and elitist developpement for the mass-market and $ cash $?
or are they going to keep their off-beat and always creating style, releasing trends and new concepts ?

Kitsuné : 52, rue Richelieu 75002 Paris / new album Kitsuné Maison 6
Surface2air : 129, rue de Turenne 75003 Paris / Clip Justice Vs Simian awarded / Salon Rendez-vous / New black, first online fashion fair.
Andrea Crews : 10, rue Frochot 75009 Paris / Marous
sia Rebecq and her fashion art activism / pics below :

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