Warhol | old celebrities in colors


I was really looking forward to this show, yeah all the ingredients for a great receip i assumed ...!
- a great artist
- pictures
- polaroids
- great location
- 60s-70s intl stars as guests

BUT, i didn't assume it was THAT all about stars, which isn't a plus -to me.
it was like reading a colored trash magazine full of stars back in the 60's ...
Fortunatly, there was some work i enjoyed, very actual when you know its from the 60's, like this particular one

Ethel Scull 36 times, 1963. Lent by the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Well, i advise you to have a look, even though its quite irritating.
The visit worth it because Warhol is a great artist, the first one who found out about marketing and dollars...

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  1. i used to love andy warhol, and part of me still does,
    however, even though his art is "pop art" and repetitive, present popular culture has overused warhol

    now he is just a fad

    love your blog


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