COS Paris / new opening


Heeeeeeeeere we are, for those who don't know yet, the swedish brand COS has opened a massive store in France, Paris, rue des rosiers.

COS, stands for 'collection of style' and is endorsed by H&M.
It is kinda cool because it is about attention to detail of ready-to-wear design with down to earth pricing............

It is a reference now in europe
looks like a Banana republic or Club monaco in the american market

and it seems the UK topshop/topman is soon going to open in the street as well !


  1. La rue Charlot sera vraiment l'endroit où il faudra aller désormais...

  2. Isabelle, la rue Charlot c'est bien, mais COS et Topshop sont/seront rue des Rosiers. Dans un sens tout ceci n'est pas éloigné ...


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