Piscine Molitor & Galliano S/S 2010


In the bid for unconventional places, John galliano is a serious competitor...
Despite the higher bid year after year, one can still find amazing places in the Capital city.
We talked previously about the Dries van noten A/W 09-10 which took place in the French communist party Headquarters, but there it goes one step beyond !

They basically settled a catwalk into an old diused art deco styled swimmingpool.
In the heart of posh XVIth arrondissement Paris, there is for decades this place where urban style has emerged over art deco.
The place is not the property of the city but is ones' landlord who seem not willing to sell it. the rumors said he was there. I doubt Galliano style affected him in the good way though...

It is not about reviewing the couturier fashion tastes but more about design and urban style, enjoy :
(clic to enlarge)


  1. Sounds great, that's the Molitor Piscine right ? do you think we could go there for some pics ? I think that this place was already used during a "Nuit Blanche" for an art performance...

  2. @ Nico
    yeah you'r right that swimming pool has been used for a 'nuit blanche' and is planned to turn into a 4* hotel !!!!
    so if we want to get cool pics we'll have to rush (same for the PC headquarters ...! )

  3. I'd love to explore the place a bit :-)


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